Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sample questions to make you ready for the open notes quiz on Thurs, Aug 28

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1. The coordinates of this famous American city are approximately 40N, 74W. This must refer to:
a) Denver b) San Diego c) London d) Philadelphia.
2. On a Mercator map which is more distorted? a) Ecuador b) Chile.
3. On a flat Mercator map you see a route that seems to be curved rather than straight across. The curved line does not represent a Great Circle route; it represents a Robinson projection. T / F
4. The source of the Mississippi is Lake a) Titicaca b) Superior
c) Michigan d) Itasca.
Famous cities:
5. 40N, 74W
6. 32N, 35E
7. 32S, 19E
8. 34S, 150E
9. 30N, 90W
10. The region associated with the earliest use of math and mapping: a) Babylonia b) Mesopotamia c) Egypt d) Greece.
11. Greenwich, England, is home to the a) equator b) prime meridian c) oldest section of London.
12. Pythagoras and the grid system are associated with a) Greece b) Egypt c) Mesopotamia.
13. Louisiana is usually thought of as having a place in the __ Hemisphere. a) Eastern b) Western c) Southern d) Cerebral.
14. Use your text to find the coordinate that is described as 0 degrees, 0 minutes and 0 seconds.
It is the a) equator b) prime meridian c) both the equator and prime meridian.
15. Cartographer: a) Vespucci b) diCaprio c) Columbus d) McNally.
16. The Red River flows through or adjacent to the states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Mississippi. T / F

answers . . .
1. Philadelphia
2. Chile
3. F
4. Itasca
5. Philadelphia
6. Jerusalem, Israel
7. Cape Town, South Africa
8. Sydney, Australia
9. New Orleans
10. Greece
11. prime meridian
12. Greece
13. Western
14. both
16. F

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