Thursday, August 21, 2008

What are questions like on the open notes tests? A sample . . .

Queries that coordinate with your work in World Geography, pp. 5 - 11.
The basics!

1. Parallels are lines of a) latitude or b) longitude.
2. 40E is an example of a line of a) latitude b) longitude.
3. A line of longitude may also be termed a myrmidon. T / F
4. Tropic of Cancer: a) latitude b) longitude.
5. Prime meridian: a) latitude b) longitude.
6. Tropic of Capricorn: a) latitude b) longitude.
7. The equator: a) latitude b) longitude.
8. Map symbols such as cross-hatched lines, dotted lines, dashed areas, patches of color and shield-shaped items laden with numbers are explained in the __ __.
9. There are 4 pointed elements to this type of famous map graphic. Sometimes there are even more points. Additionally, this can be a colorful and decorative item. It is called a __ __ .
10. Pilots save expensive jet fuel by navigating a route called a __ __ __.
11. Another name for a map maker: __.
12. A slice or segment shaped in approximately triangular form - so that it can be fitted. It is called a __.
13. Most of the maps we encounter in daily life are probably in the category of: a) physical b) political c) so-called “breakfast” maps.
14. Sketch a cross-section map of CMHS, including the river. It will be rough, but OK for our purpose today.
15. Latitude and longitude of Shreveport: __, __.

Next project: colorful map of the toiling tributaries of the Mississippi valley.

Independent project: geographic and economic profile of the Old Navy and Gap corporate empire.

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