Monday, August 18, 2008

Demographics: World Population

World Population
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The demographics of first year students at CMHS, the Class of 2012, encompasses some 15 middle schools. While a large number of our students come from CMM, in many classes the majority of students are from many different middle schools.

Therefore, there's a great need for making new friends.

Demographics is the study of populations. How many students at CMHS are age 14? How many age 16?

The demographics of the city of Shreveport are currently painful. Shreveport's population is shrinking, according to Census reports as published in the Times. We have slipped below the 200,000 mark. Therefore, the student population of Caddo schools is shrinking.

When we look at demographics, we see statistics. But the key to using demographics is in the interpretation of those facts. The value lies in finding trends.

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