Monday, August 18, 2008

Materials required for world geography / Trudeau at CMHS

Caddo Magnet High School / World Geography
Robert Trudeau / / 861-1519

Welcome to World Geography at CMHS
Two sites for parents and students to follow:

At mondotrudeau you will find class requirements, assignments, reviews and links to more detailed reading.
* Plan your week by viewing mondotrudeau each Sunday afternoon. You will see an outline of the week’s activities.
* Thursdays are the day for essays, tests and project deadlines.
** Required atlas: Rand McNally Quick Reference World Atlas ($6)
Easy to carry (bring it to class every day); inexpensive. Please do not substitute. Available at Barnes & Noble, other stores and also at
** Fee: $5, payable to Caddo Magnet High School. Defrays cost of field trips and special materials.
** Scissors (small), colors (map pencils, crayons or pastel markers)
** Notebook must feature a) pages with perforated edges b) pockets for handouts.
** Please submit a standard-size sheet of paper with parents’ or guardians’ names, address, all phone numbers.

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