Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Artful map project due Dec 11 for 12 pts

The rubric for the Artful Map Project -

1. Use a manufactured cardboard frame called a mat. Available at crafts shops such as Michael's, it may also be found at big emporiums such as Walmart. Choose a colored mat (or not), decide on the size; there are numerous choices ahead.
2. When you've chosen your nation and are beginning to make a pencil sketch of it, make a colorful border (see above) around the edge. Put that border on the map paper, not on the mat.
3. Include a compass rose and at least one more symbol. We're going for a classical, historical tone, so add a ship or castle or something in that vein.
4. Lettering must be handled carefully so that the overall look is quite neat.
5. Use a scroll or other frame in adding a title, such as the name of the nation.
6. You may illustrate one nation (Ex, Israel), a small group of nations (Israel, lebanon and parts of Jordan, Syria and Egypt) or a portion of a nation (the region surrounding Jerusalem).
7. Shading: use lighter-to-darker shading to bring out the drama in borders, in seas and landscapes.
8. Print your name in the lower right corner of the map (not on the mat) and on the back.
9. You may produce one extra Artful Map for up to 6 pts. bonus credit.
10. The idea is to be part of an exhibit of Artful Maps at school and then to give your map away as a holiday gift.


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