Monday, December 15, 2008

This week's Thursday map for hand-sketched map quiz- the Roman Empire

The Roman Empire
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Plan to sketch the entire rim of the Mediterranean this week. At its peak the Romans controlled all the coastal provinces of the Med.

Our basic ten identifications for the map quiz:
1. Mediterranean
2. Hispania / Espana / Spain
3. Gaul / France
4. Britannia / Britain
5. L'Italia / Italy
6. Graecia / Greece
7. Asia Minor / Turkey
8. Palestine / Israel
9. Carthage / Tunisia
10. Aegyptus / Egypt

Be aware that Germania was not part of the empire.

Pax Romana: "peace of the Romans," a period of over a century of peace and stability in the empire before and after the time of Jesus of Nazareth. Approx. from 27 BCE to 180 CE (AD).

Today you might say that we are in an era that could be called the Pax Americana. Why?

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