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Review of North Central Europe

Paris 07
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Bit of a review on recent notes -

1) The Rhine River begins in the nation of __.
2) The Rhine flows north to the port of __.
3) The capital of Bavaria: __.
4) Comparing the list of notable products from Italy and Germany leads me to conclude they are both leading nations in design and manufacturing. T / F
5) Germany has had little impact on the US culture. An example would be that there are few German cuisine restaurants to be found in America. T / F
6) The WWII period saw a partnership, called the Axis by Americans, between Germany and another fascist nation: __ .
7) Olive oil, balsamic vinegar and espresso: while enjoyed across the globe these items originate with the nation of __ .

Write ‘a’ for origin in Italy and ‘b’ for origin in Germany:
8) Audi
9) Ferrari
10) Mercedes Benz
11) Porsche
12) BMW
13) Smart Car
14) Compare the population of Germany to the US: America is approximately __ times bigger in population.
15. Lego toy system's home nation: __ .
16. Name the German company that developed acetylsalicylic acid as a household curative: __ .
17. The swastika was a symbol of the Nazis for about 15 years. But for 3000 years it was a symbol for good fortune in many widespread cultures. Cite the culture, based on religion, with which it was not associated: __ .
18. Name the American jazz leader who helped establish the big band era and was a virtuoso on trumpet: ___ .
19. Gypsies were targeted by the Third Reich for extermination. The best-known Gypsy-born fellow of the era was the Belgian guitarist __ __.
20. Harlem is a neighborhood in the borough of __ .
21. The Nazis were effective at building a type of super-patriotism. To convince the youth of the Nazi point of view they used exaggeration and fabrications. This is called __ .
22. The National Socialist German Worker’s Party was not at all
__ .
23. Nazi Germany began its conquest of Europe with the nation of Poland, 1939. T / F
24. Copenhagen is a German city which is on an island in the Baltic Sea. T / F

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