Sunday, December 07, 2008

Semester exam: 100 mult-choice questions from past tests plus a brief essay

Caleb Bailey, Cmhs
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The semester exam should measure the activities that were most emphasized during the semester. Therefore, students will look back over the collection of multiple-choice questions that have been posted this semester. All questions on the exam will be those previously used and posted on MondoTrudeau.

Would there be any reason that you should not be able to ace this part of the test?

The brief essay will focus on the skill of comparison. There will be several choices of topics; they will be announced in advance. The key to making an A on the essay is knowing and following comparison essay guidelines.

Be aware that the Caddo school board makes it mandatory that the exam constitutes 20% of your semester grade. The bottom line on that is that if you don't prepare - do nothing - you could drop a letter grade or even two letter grades. The good news is that you can, by assiduous preparation, bring your grade up by a letter grade.

Don't delay beginning your preparation. I think it's arguable that life is largely about learning from your mistakes and from your history.

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