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Tests on la France on Thurs: map and notes

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The hand-sketched map of France will be quite simple:

1. Belgium
2. Luxembourg
3. Deutschland
4. Switzerland
5. Italy
6. Spain
7. England
8. Atlantic
9. Mediterranean
10. Paris
11. Marseille
12. Bordeaux
13. Versailles
14. Alps
15. Rhine River

Vocab -

cafe au lait
Rue de Bourbon
Nouvelle Orleans
Vieux Carre

From cuisine (quiches) to wines (champagne) to autos (Citroen, Renault) to aviation (Mirage fighter jet, Airbus) to medicine (AIDS research, Docteurs sans Frontiers), to solar power (in the Alps) to an Empire (Cote D'Ivoire) and famous artists (Monet, Renoir, etc), La France is awesome.

Would you like to make a Quiche Lorraine to serve in class for bonus points? They are fun to make and are excellent when served cold.

Would you like to bring some chilled champagne to class for a teeny taste? Sor-ry. No can do.

Citroen: what does it mean? It means "citizen."

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