Monday, December 01, 2008

Two quizzes on Thur of the week of Dec 1 - 5

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On Thurs, Dec 4, please be ready for the following -

1. Open notes quiz based on web site material on the movie Swing Kids and Nazi-era Deutschland. Please see the 28-question guide which follows this post.

2. Hand-sketched map quiz on Germany and its neighbors.
There are 9 neighboring nations (don't forget "Oh, you Luxembourg!") and 2 bodies of water to draw or graphically suggest in your sketch. Do not abbriviate. And number them, bitte!
(Bitte being Deutsch for "please.")

Indie work?

Comparison research and essay on (choose one)

- Rudolph Diesel and Count Von Zeppelin.
- Karl Marx and Johann Gutenberg.

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