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The Roman Bath House built by the conquerors of Brittania

The Roman Bath House
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In the Macaualay movie Roman City we must note the following:

* Roman Legion (about 5000 troops)
* SPQR - Sign held above the marching Legions; it meant "The Senate and the People of Rome."

* Insulae ("islands") - apartment buildings as developed by the Romans.
Three or 4 stories; built of brick and concrete.

*concrete - a development of Roman engineers.

* slavery in Rome - defeated neighbors of Rome were taken as slaves and Roman society, like Greek society, depended on slave labor in regards keeping a high standard of living. A typical slave: a well-educated Greek fellow might be taken as a house slave and used as a teacher for the family.

*Thermae ("heated") - public baths. At a bath you could
- exercise
- eat lunch
- read the news
- have the laundry washed and folded
- meet business partners
- bathe and relax
The pool rooms included the Caldarium (hot aquarium), Tepidarium (lukewarm) and Frigidarium (cold).

An atrium is the part of a house or building that is open to the sky or open to a high vertical space. A Roman town house had
- walls surrounding the complex
- a garden in the back
- an arbor so that vines could grow to provide shade.
- an impluvium - a pool to catch rainwater.

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