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Quiz de France

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Europe, France & French history

1. Quiche is made of eggs, milk and __. a) cheese b) onions c) bacon d) flour.
2. Versailles was principally the creation of King Louis the a) IV b) XII c) XIV d) XVI.
3. Three words come to mind with Versailles: a) opulent b) ostentatious c) exorbitant.
Which one would apply to the king, personally?
4. There was a nickname for the king who built Versailles: a) le Roi Soleil b) Vaux le Vicomte
c) Rue de Bourbon d) Quiche Lorraine.
5. Versailles is known to students and historians as a symbol of a) fascism b) nationalism c) absolute monarchy d) democracy.
6. Beef and vegetable stew: a) Ratatouille b) Courvoisier c) Sauce Mayonnaise
d) Escargots.
7. Not a French car company: a) Renault b) Peugeot c) Citroen d) Michelin.
8. The minuscule nation of Monaco is on the Mediterranean but does not share a border with France. T / F
9. The Pyrenees are mountains that form an ancient boundary between the French and the Spanish between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. T / F
10. The Rhine River is popularly thought to run in a northerly direction but, in fact, does not. The "flows north" factoid is an urban legend. The Rhine flows to the Mediterranean. T / F
11. A tasty, crumbly loaf of French bread can be purchased in the Vieux Carre and consumed with champagne and an omelette in a place called Nouvelle Orleans. The name for the spindly loaf?
a) escargot b) cafe au lait c) louvre d) le roi soleil e) baguette.
12. Wikipedia implies that he most expensive objects in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles were the
a) mirrors b) silver furniture c) chandeliers d) ceiling murals.
13. France's lack of harbors and rivers would be a reason for this nation's widespread and horrendous poverty. T / F
14. While France is a bit larger than Germany in area, it has a somewhat smaller population. T / F
15. In Metropolitan Population the second largest city in France is a) Marseille b) Versailles
c) Toulouse d) Lyons e) Strasbourg.
16. The history of France is far more important to the world than its contemporary status. T / F
17. Britain and France may smell alike (wine, cigars and perfume, mostly) but when it comes to the number of people residing there, the difference is staggering. T / F
18. France owns 2 islands in the Mediterranean; they are Corsica and Sardinia. T / F
19. France also owns 2 islands, if tiny ones, in the Atlantic; they are Guernsey and Jersey. T / F

1. cheese (fromage)
2. Louis XIV
3. The king was not opulent; his palace was opulent. The king was ostentatious.
4. le roi soleil, "the sun king."
5. absolute monarchy
6. ratatouille, by process of elimination.
7. Michelin; they make tires and maps.
8. f please see your atlas
9. t please see your atlas
10. f please see your atlas
11. e baguette
12. a mirrors
13. f please see your atlas
14. t please see your atlas
15. a please see your atlas
16. f web site notes
17. f please see your atlas
18. f please see your atlas
19. f please see your atlas

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