Monday, February 07, 2011

The Jews and the Jewish nation of Israel and the conflict with all the neighboring Arab nations

Notes on Israel and the skit called The Insoluble Problem -

Ancient Palestine, Modern Israel / map items . . .
Dead Sea
Jordan River
Sea of Gallilee
West Bank region (disputed)

The Insoluble Problem

Jew vs. Palestinian Muslim Arab
- cousins in blood, language and heritage
- Hebrew & Arabic
- struggle for control of the land of Israel and city of Jerusalem - which has been going on since the Crusades, in the Medieval era.

The Jew vs Palestinian Arab skit:

a) Zionists are Jews who believe that a Jewish homeland in their ancient home of Palestine is important. In the late 1880's and early 1900's they gather funds and purchase land in Palestine.

b) Ottoman Turks owned the land of Palestine. They acquired it when they had a powerful empire. Jews purchase the land cheaply.

c) Palestinian Arabs were mostly shepherds and had overgrazed the land; palestine had become a dry, rocky place early in the 20th century. Jews promises when they got the land they will "Make the deserts bloom." They will use scientific farming to change the terrain.

d) The struggle between those who owned the land by virtue of their long residency and those who purchased it in the modern way is not easily solved. Jews push the Arabs. The Arabs fight back. The Jewish forces ovewhwelm the Arabs.

e) In 1947 the victory of the Jewish forces is complete. They declare a Jewish state to be called Israel.

f) Israel has continually fought to maintain its existence. Its army is called the strongest force in the Mid East. Its principal support - due to lobbying of the US Congress - is foreign aid from the US.

g) The Palestinians have fought back via the intifadeh. That term means a low-cost, terror-based rebellion against the well-equipped Jewish forces. The struggle - which includes suicide bombers - has focused on Gaza and the West bank region.

- Israel's population is not shrinking. They are up from 6 million to 7.3 million. The population comprises some 20% Arab people.
- Israel is a high-tech nation which might go to all-electric vehicles if the Better Place program, founded by Shai Agassi, is successful.