Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Revolution in 2 African / Mediterranean nations this year: Tunisia and Egypt

Originally uploaded by Nasser Nouri
In Tunisia and Egypt young demonstrators have taken to the streets in 2011 to protest governmental corruption. The peaceful rallies have been so large and consistent that the presidents of both these nations have resigned.

Why such massive demonstrations? The autocratic, dictatorial governments have been unable to provide jobs for the large population of young and educated citizens. People have realized that these presidents have enriched themselves and their friends in an outrageous way.

That's called governmental corruption.

And poverty has been increasing.

The Tunisian singer Hamada Ben Amor, also known as ''The General,''
has song about corruption called "Rais lebled." This tune has been important to the young protestors in both nations. See it on

Acc to Time magazine, the lyrics include -
"Mr. President, your people are dying / People are eating rubbish / Look at what is happening / Miseries everywhere Mr. President / I talk with no fear / Although I know I will only get troubles / I see injustice everywhere."