Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Lawrence of Arabia and the Bedouins attack the Turks at Aqaba

Arab forces crossed the "uncrosssable" Nefud Desert in following strategy developed by TE Lawrence. They then made a surprise attack on Aqaba. It was a victory for the guerilla style of fighting used by the Bedouins.

With Lawrence as their adviser, the Arab / Bedoiun forces would ultimately attack and win victory at Damascus, Syria, then the capital city of Islam.

Alas, the Bedouins could not cope with the difficulties of managing a large, modern city. The British had to take over the administration of Damascus. The Bedouin victory was thereby compromised.

At the end of WWI, the Arabs demanded independence. They had won their land back from their long-time masters, the Turks. But the victorious British and French took control of the Mid East.

The British drew boundaries and set up the size and shape of the Mid East nations.

The frustrated Arab peoples accepted their fate and made the best of life under the new masters, the Europeans.