Monday, February 07, 2011

Map quiz next class; see example here

Southwest Asia map quiz

Your choices: a) Saudi Arabia b) Israel c) Egypt d) Jordan e)
Syria f) Yemen
g) Iraq h) Lebanon i) Palestine j) Red Sea k) Nile River l) Persian Gulf
m) Arabian Sea n) Indian Ocean o) Atlantic p) Arabian Peninsula q) Cairo
r) Aqaba s) Damascus t) Britain u) France v) the "Med"

1. On his voyage from England to the Mid East, Lawrence had to pass
through 2 bodies of water: the __ and the __ .
2. Lawrence's first post with the British Army was the prominent city of __.
3. In 1914 the British Army sent Lawrence to aid the Bedouin forces
located here: __ .
4. The Med is spelled a) Meditteranean b) Mediterranen c) Meditterranean
d) Mediterranean e) Mediterrenean.
5. Red Sea port held by the Turks during the early part of WWI: __.
6. Between Cairo and Mecca one crosses this body of water: __.
7. Body of water on the eastern side of the Arabian peninsula: __.
8. Nation that lies directly north of Israel on the coast: __.
9. The capture of Damascus is the ultimate goal of the Bedouin forces.
Damascus is the capital of __.
10. On the south coast of the Arabian peninsula is a sea, __, and an ocean, __.
11. Israel's bordering nation on the southwest is __.
12. Mecca is a city in the nation of __.

1. Atlantic, Mediterranean
2. Cairo
3. Arabian Peninsula or Arabia
4. d
5. Aqaba
6. Red Sea
7. Persian Gulf
8. Lebanon
9. Syria
10. Arabian Sea, Indian O
11. Egypt
12. Saudi Arabia