Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Need parent volunteers to chaperone a Coates Bluff Nature Trail hike

Planning a nature hike for geography students - during each of my 4 geography classes - on the Coates Bluff Nature Trail, adjacent to Magnet campus. Tentative dates: Tues, March 1 and Wed, March 2.

Parent chaperones are needed to walk with us.

Since I have walked the trail numerous times I can tell you that the path is well trodden; there is no danger aside from tripping over vines on the leafy trail. We recommend wearing long sleeved garments and pants. Cameras and binoculars are welcome.

Please email me, trudeau11@gmail.com, or meet me at Magnet on my planning period: 10 am - 11:15 am.

The trail begins at the gate in the SE corner of the Magnet / Valencia Park fence - adjacent to the softball field. I plan to have a school bus meet us to take the group back to Magnet.