Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Refugees and the continent of Africa

The movie "Lost Boys of Sudan:"

1. Takes place in which of the 4 regions of the continent of Africa? a) North b) East c) West d) Southern.
2. The story begins in which nation? __
3. The story begins near which great river? __
4. Kakuma Refugee Camp is in the nation of __ .
5. The largest city of East Africa on the Indian Ocean: __ .
6. Peter and Santino are relocated to the American city of __ .
7. That city is ranked as the a) fourth b) seventh c) ninth largest - in population - in the US.
8. The body of water that connects the largest Texas city to the Gulf of Mexico: a) Brazos River b) Sabine River c) Galveston Bay.
9. Peter goes to Kansas City in his search for what type of opportunity? __.