Monday, August 29, 2005

Caribbean storm tracking in geo class

The week of Aug 29 - Sept 2.

* Intro Caribbean map:
Galveston to Florida Keys
Yucatan peninsula
Cuba, Jamaica,
Haiti/Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico
Atlantic, Caribbean and
Gulf of Mexico

* Library research on LBOS presentation.

* Submit Learning Styles Essay - typed, w parent signature. (15)
* The Gulf Stream: plotting the currents of the Gulf and Caribbean.

Lost Boys of Sudan presentation (10); first half of alpha roll (current class seating).

Open Notes Quiz (20): multiple-choice questions on class notes and the atlas.

1. Microsoft world headquarters is not in NYC. Bill Gates established his empire on the West coast near a) San Francisco b) Stanford Univ. c) Silicon Valley d) Seattle.
2. Cancun and Cozumel lie on the Caribbean coast of a region found in our storm tracking map. a) Key West b) Yucatan Peninsula c) Cuba d) Jamaica.

Special presentations on the Five Themes of geography.

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