Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Scissors, colors, notebook and fee for geo class

What to get for geography class under Robert Trudeau at Caddo Magnet High:

1. portable scissors
2. colors of any sort: pastel markers, crayons, watercolor, map pencils, all are good.

As you can see, we will create colorful, artful constructions as part of the learning process.

The class fee defrays expenses in materials, in copy-making, and field trips; it is $5. Please make checks payable to Caddo Magnet High School.

Notebooks? Yes, they are very important in the skill of processing and organizing info, which is a key to success in modern life.

Notebooks must
1. have perforated pages so your submissions are neat, and
2. have pockets for saving handouts. Otherwise, I leave the choice to you.


Also, please see my post on the RMQRWA!

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