Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Expectations and Evaluations: how to ace geography class

Classroom expectations include

1) begin work immediately at the sound of the bell - without waiting for me to say anything. There will be work on the board designed to enagage you and set the tone.
2) questions and remarks are encouraged; simply remember to raise your hand before responding.
3) please type all home work; neatness counts.

Grading is based upon~

a) Comparison essays. First, don't ignore the guidelines. Next, turn the writing in on time. Late penalty: 33% of the possible points. Plus, I must issue a note to be signed by your parents.

b) Projects. See above, please.

c) Teacher-made and student-made multiple-choice tests that are based on class notes and the website material.

d) Map quizzes. All items must be spelled correctly. Misspellings lose a half point. Those with congenitally weak spelling skills will enjoy our in-class mnemonic building.

e) Build your point total by taking on independent assignments. The best way to earn these bonus points is by writing comparison essays. See the web site each week for topics. You may also serve appropriate ethnic dishes - accompanied by an essay - for points. Please see me.

f) Given item 'e' there's no reason you shouldn't find an amenable pathway to an A average. Wouldn't you agree?

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