Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Classroom philosophy and practice at CMHS

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Classroom guidelines ~

$ When the bell rings I expect you to immediately and quietly open your notebook (without my reminder!) and attack the material which you'll find on the board. Frequently CMHS bells do not ring. You'll be expected to go to your tasks at the appropriate time regardless of the bell. Get your money's worth from Magnet!

$ Water and water bottles are good. If you have a carbonated beverage, lunch or snack and you absolutely Must partake, please do so discreetly. Keep it in your book bag; nip quietly and unobtrusively. If you must chew gum, please do so inconspicuously. Before addressing the class always expel gum ("Expeliarmus!"), please.

$ Bring all necessary materials to class Each day:
* Rand McNally Quick Reference World Atlas (RMQRWA)
* notebook
* handouts
* pens
* colors
* scissors.

$ Following directions efficiently is one of your biggest challenges. You must take responsibility for knowing the guidelines.

$ Warmth! Generosity! Hugs!
Our golden words are "please," "thank you," "pardon me," and "Is it possible that ...?" .

$ Dress smartly. I believe that you can help yourself get more out of class if you don a sort of student/business attire. This is, after all, your job for the next four years. High school is a job and it pays off with scholarships and competence in college.

$ Compliment your fellow students (and teachers) every day.

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