Sunday, August 28, 2005

Watching Katrina05

Watching Katrina05
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"Katrina churned directly over an oceanic feature that is the nemesis of gulf state disaster planners: the "loop current," a great, deep whorl of tropics-hot seawater that pulses in between the Yucat√°n and Cuba each year and then stays south of Louisiana into late summer," said the New York Times. "This "is like adding high-octane fuel to the fire," a Friday night public discussion said.

Forecasters then watched in wonder as a series of conditions, many of them poorly understood, caused the storm to do what no one wanted: intensify, expand and maintain a terrifying trajectory.

The energy, the near-record low pressure in the storm's core, and its huge dimensions added up to an inevitable disaster, Mr. Read said.

"That's why they're basically forecasting Armageddon when it goes inland," he said."

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Corry said...

Hey mr trudeau this is corry in the library!!!!! im in rotc and i am doin some community service there by donating stuff to the victims like blankets and snack food.

trudeau said...

Highly appropriate, Corry.

As you were ...