Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sudanese head rest

Sudanese head rest
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Preparing for the movie Lost Boys of Sudan, the class has examined the map of the continent of Africa with a focus on East Africa.

Regions of the African continent:
* Mediterranean/Arabic Africa (Morocco to Egypt along the Mediterranean)
* East Africa (Egypt to South Africa along the Indian Ocean)
* Sub-Saharan Africa (below the Sahara)
* West Africa (from Morocco to South Africa on the Atlantic coast)

Larger regions:
* Europe
* SW Asia / the Middle East
* Africa (both a continent and a region)

The course of the Nile:
* the Blue Nile rises in Ethiopia.
* the White Nile or Mountain Nile rises in Uganda - its source is Lake Victoria.
* The confluence of the 2 branches is at Khartoum, Sudan.

A river's upper part is near its source. A river's lower section is near its mouth.
* the Mississippi - Minnesota to Louisiana.
* the Red River - Texas panhandle to Louisiana; near Alexandria it flows into the Miss.
* The Nile - Ethiopia and Uganda to Egypt. It flows north, which is unusual.

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