Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sudan / National Geographic

Sudan / National Geographic
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In making visual presentations we will use these guidelines.

The current project is to summarize the story of the Lost Boys of Sudan. Their village of Yirol is near Bor, along the Mountain Nile, in the extreme south.

1. Number of slides.

2. Appropriate images for each slide.

3. Quality of images.

4. Relevance of info on each frame.

5. Brevity of printed info.

6. Sources documented at the bottom of each image.

7. Spelling.

8. Construction of phrases / standard English.

9. Logical order.

10. Inclusion of a brief Comparison slide.

11. Inclusion of an explanatory map slide.

12. Presentation includes explanation of brief items on screen.

13. Please avoid using the nation’s flag as a slide image.

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