Saturday, August 27, 2005

CMHS Library : Creating digital presentations

A summary presentation on the documentary "Lost Boys of Sudan" was begun by my students this week. We will finish the library work Monday, Aug 29, and begin showing the Powerpoint presentations on Wednesday.

1. Titling - follow essay guidelines.
2. Map - add brief facts, such as "Largest African nation."
3. Conflicts - in the lives of Peter and Santino.
4. Solutions - to the problems above.
5. Comparison - of the 2 characters, of 2 nations, 2 refugee situations; you choose.
6. Bibliography: addresses of the web sites you used for images and information.

* Keep the on-screen written material Very Brief. Use short phrases rather than complete sentences.
* Please do not use a national flag as a slide.
* Search for large images that will look effective when projected on a large-screen monitor.
* Spelling counts. Use phrases in appropriate form.

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