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Africa overview - 26 questions

Nairobi National Park
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Continent of Africa, continent of Africa / Trudeau

1. The acacia is an East African a) tree b) chimpanzee
c) type of village d) drum.
2. Dakar is the capital of a) Gambia b) Guinea
c) Mauritania d) Senegal.
3. Gabon, Congo, Dem. Repub. of the Congo, Uganda and Kenya: a) equatorial b) Rift valley-related c) linked by the Congo River d) East Africa.
4. Liberia is part of the Sahara region. T / F
5. Marrakech and Casablanca: a) Spain b) Sudan c) Egypt d) Morocco.
6. Gibraltar Island lies in the space where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Morocco Sea. T / F
7. Tombouctou is not in the region called the Sahara. T / F
8. Historic British gold coin: a) Ghana b) Guinea
c) Mali d) Gambia.
9. The river that runs through nations such as Mali, Niger and Nigeria: a) Niger b) Congo c) Nile d) Limpopo.
10. Ashanti tribe: a) Guinea b) Morocco c) Ghana
d) Cote D’Ivoire.
11. Prince Henry the Navigator was a pioneer explorer of the West coast of Africa. His nation: a) Spain b) Portugal c) Italy d) England.
12. Kilimanjaro: a) city in Tanzania b) national park
c) volcano d) East African lake.
13. Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania: a) equatorial b) Rift valley-related c) linked by the Congo River d) East Africa.

14. Nation in which there is a confluence of the Nile:
a) Sudan b) Egypt c) Ethiopia d) Uganda.
15. Mining of minerals is a resource of very few nations on the continent of Africa. T / F
16. A region of Egypt: a) Libya b) Nubia c) Ethiopia
d) Jordan.
17. The temple of Abu Simbel: a) Simba b) Mansa Musa
c) ibn Battuta d) Ramses II.
18. Source of the River Nile: a) Lake Tanganyika
b) Lake Tana c) Lake Victoria d) Rift Valley.
19. Number of nations that make up the continent of Africa: a) 23 b) 33 c) 43 d) 53.
20. Inhabited by some 12% of the world’s population, the continent of Africa is bedeviled by an ___ infection rate of some 60%. a) AIDS b) malaria c) hepatitis d) cancer.

21. Largest city on the continent of Africa:
a) Johannesburg b) Nairobi c) Lagos d) Cairo.
22. Nation famed for having the Safari 5: lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino and elephant. a) Kenya b) Nigeria c) Sudan d) South Africa.
23. African city on the Mediterranean that was once Greek: a) Tanger b) Mombasa c) Alexandria d) Cairo.
24. Notable peninsula of Africa: a) Cape Town b) Sinai
c) Madagascar d) Somalia.
25. Nation of Sub-Saharan Africa: a) Angola b) Sudan
c) Libya d) Liberia.
26. Evidence of ancient Arab trade in East Africa: a) Yemen b) Maputo c) Dar Es Salaam d) Addis Ababa.

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