Saturday, February 24, 2007

A letter to your teacher from Mrs. Hamza Al'Mahail in Lagos, Nigeria

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Mrs. Mairo Hamza Al'Mahail
#12, Alhaji Sheu Danbaba Avenue
Off Airport Road
Lagos State,

Dear Friend,

This contact was necessitated after going through your profile few days ago on the internet, my Son and I then decided to communicate you. I know this letter might sound strange to you, prior to the high level of fraud letters in the world today especially from Nigeria. But I must guarantee the genuineness of my letter as you must have heard about it in some international dailies, BBC, CNN and some local dailies here in Nigeria. I am Mrs. Mairo Mahail the wife of major. Hamza A'lMahail, the former chief security officer to the last military Head of State. As you might have known, my husband was falsely accused and detained by the present civilian Government, led by President Olusegun Obasanjo, for attempted coup and is now charged for treason. Recently, the Federal Government placed a restriction order on every member of my family and sized all my husband’s assets and freezed all our Bank accounts both domiciliary and foreign. However, in spite of the antagonistic treatments from the Government, we still have USD $35 Million (Thirty Five Million United State Dollars) which nobody knows about in a bank here in Lagos. I have on several occasions made efforts to transfer the said funds abroad but was not successful, hence, the Bank Manager advised me to source for a reputable and reliable foreigner that will assist me in transferring the said fund abroad. He further assured me of using his position as the Bank Manager to influence the smooth transfer of the said fund into your bank account or any account you may provide. If this is O.K, then you can send me your full names, address and direct phone numbers to this email address after which I will instruct my Son to make arrangement with a lawyer that will prepare all the legal documents.

Thanks for your co-operations.
your truly
Mairo. Hamza Al Mahail
This is typical of the fraudulent letters sent out across the world each day. While Nigeria has become famous as a point of origin for such schemes, there are people from many nations pursuing these scams. According to National Public Radio, each year many gullible people send money to such people in hopes of making a big profit. Of course, those who respond lose every penny they send.

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