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Katrina - from the Sahara to the marshy shores of Louisiana

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Prevailing Winds and Ocean Currents

How does a storm get from the Sahara to Louisiana?
* Pp. 62-63, World Geography
* Make a map that combines the relevant forces from the dominant winds and currents. It will answer the question above.
* Label the appropriate winds and currents. Use color.

The hot storm winds of the Sahara blow westward toward the Atlantic. There the storm is picked up by the southward moving __ current. That current, named for islands off the coast of Africa, is cold / hot.
The storm is pushed southward, toward the equator, by the ____ ____ Winds.
There the storm joins a westward current called the __
___ ___. It is pushed northward along the coast of South America by the ___ ___ Winds.
The storm enters a basin of water - below the West Indies and above Venezuela - called the __ Sea. As it goes past Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula it enters the sea called the ___ __ ___ . There it meets the western world’s most famous warm current, the __ __ . If it has become a strong hurricane, it might go ashore, influenced by the so-called ___ Winds. The storm might go northward across several states.

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