Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tijuana to Rio: map quiz Thurs!

Map quiz on Mexico/Brasil Thurs will ask for

* hand sketched borders
* Mexico & Brasil to be connected by snaking Central America
* 10 items of identification in and around Mexico.
* 6 items in Brazil.
* You will get 20 pts.

Historic Patterns of Migration Map -
* Show the route taken by Spain, Portugal, France, Netherlands and Britain as they sent colonists and slaves to the New World to make money from mining gold & silver and farming sugar (zucar).
* Make an annotated European map. Include Africa and Latin America.
* Label all affected nations.
* Use the ocean winds and currents map to draw the route.

Amerindians map:
* Place the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan - a city built on islands - at the site of Mexico City. Add the Aztec pyramids.
* Place the Mayan pyramids on the Yucatan and in Guatemala.
* Sketch the stone roads of the Inca Empire in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

* El Nino bis a disruptive ocean current. Explain its impact (see p. 194, WG).
* Largest city of Latin Amer? Mexico City, some 19 million, followed by Sao Paulo, with about 18 million.
* Through which nations does the equator pass?
* Which of thse nations is dominated by mountains? Name 2 ranges.
* Mesoamerica (meso, middle) is a term that refers to Mexico and Central America.
* Make a list of the ways in which Louisiana is similar to nations of Latin America.

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