Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Brasil vs Mexico: a comparison project

Porto de Galinhas
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Prepare a paper or powerpoint-type presentation comparing Brasil (futbol!) and Mexico (toreador!).
25 pts.
Due Mon for 2nd half of the roll.
Due Tues for 1st half of alpha roll.

Presentation itself will focus on
* 3 mult-choice questions and answers.
* illustration(s)
* material from a fun side of the 2 nations, such as food, clothing, art, etc.

Also research and have in the report:
* maps
* rivers, ports
* economic indicators (GDP, PCI)
* standard of living (life expectancy, literacy)
* principal resources
* cultural distinction
Be sure that the
* titles,
* sources and
* illustrations are effective.

Independent work -

Photo of student(s) in school-related event. Add a 2 - 3 sentence description of their activity written In A Foreign Language. You may consult with an advanced student to make sure your grammar and spelling are correct.

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