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Ocean currents & prevailing wind patterns

Atlantic waves
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1. Morocco, a mostly dry and hot nation, has beautiful beaches. Alas, the water is frigid. That's because of the __ Current.
2. Islas Canarias, aka the Canary Islands, are on the coast of Africa near the nation of __ .
3. The ocean currents that bring weather systems across the Atlantic from Africa to the Caribbean are the north and south ___ currents.
4. The winds that push weather systems across the Atlantic have a historic name; they are the northerly and southerly ___ winds. They propel ships and weather fronts across the ocean - rapidly.
5. Dolrums - a lack of wind - are found along the equator and in the horse latitudes, which are at the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn.
6. Americans who go swimming on the Atlantic are sure to find frigid water because of the cold ___ current.
7. American swimmers entering the Pacific waters will find frigidity due to the cold ___ current.
8. The Gulf of Mexico is warmed by the blue waters of the current known as the __ __ .
9. From the ____ Peninsula in Mexico, the Gulf Stream flows north through the Straits of Florida and along Florida's East Coast. When it reaches North Carolina, around Cape Hatteras, it begins to drift off into the North Atlantic towards the Grand Banks near Newfoundland. The Gulf Stream usually travels at a speed of 3 or 4 knots.
10. The Westerlies are a mid-latitude wind current that explains why most of North Louisiana's weather systems come from a) the northwest b) the northeast.

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