Thursday, February 22, 2007

The touristic basics in Mexico: serape, sombrero, serenade

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Once i was in Cuernavaca, Mexico, chatting with a girl that I really fancied. As we strolled down the street we heard a melodious sound behind us. A traditional Mexican combo, called a mariachi band, was also strolling the street. I took it as a sign from the heavens that the blonde and I were meant to enjoy romance. It was as though we had hired the band to serenade us, but their appearance was simple fortune.

I never saw the girl again.

"Usually a mariachi consists of at least two violins, two trumpets, one Spanish guitar, one vihuela (a high-pitched, five-string guitar) and one guitarrĂ³n (a small-scaled acoustic bass), but sometimes featuring more than twenty musicians. The original Mariachi were Mexican street musicians or buskers," says

Map of Mexico:
* Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean
* California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas,
* Yucatan Peninsula, Baja Peninsula
* Mexico City, Cancun, Isla Cozumel, Acapulco
* Guatemala, Belize

While tourism is well known part of the mexican economy, petroleum might be called the hidden resource of Mexico. Wikipedia says, "Mexico has a free market economy, and is firmly established as an upper middle-income country[13] with the highest per capita income in nominal terms in Latin America,[14], and it is the 13th largest economy in the world as measured in Gross Domestic Product in purchasing power parity."

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