Monday, February 26, 2007

Mexico City

Mexico City 13
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Demographic and geographical review of the two:

1. A Mexican region whose name means, in part, "of the south."
2. Brazil has almost twice as many people as Mexico. T / F
3. Mexico has about twice the land area of Brazil. T / F
4. With about 19 million people, the population of ___ is phenomenal. a) Rio b) Mexico City
5. In Mexico it's the peso; in Brazil it's the a) Real b) Brazilian Dollar
c) Pesito.
6. The cultures of Mexico and Brazil derive from the same peninsula.
T / F
7. While religious preferences are moving toward the Protestant denominations, the cultures of both nations reflect a Roman __ background.
8. Brazil is more illiterate than Mexico. T / F
9. Brasilians have a bit higher per capita income. T / F
10. Corn: a) Mexico b ) Brasil
11. Bauxite: a) Mexico b) Brasil.
12. Petroleum: a) Mexico b) Brasil
13. Coffee: a) Mexico b) Brasil
14. Life expectancy: a) about the same b) significantly higher in Mexico.
15. Native people plus Spanish equals a mixed background called __ in Mexico. a) Mestizos b) Mulatto
16. Highly influenced by African culture: a) Mexico b) Brasil.
17. Mayan: a) Mexico b) Brasil
18. Beer exports: a) Mexico b) Brasil
19. More navigable waterways: a) Mexico b) Brasil
20. Estados: a) Mexico b) Brasil

Above: the great Spanish baroque cathedral in the heart of Mexico City. Is there any surprise that it is built atop the site of an Aztec shrine?

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