Friday, February 09, 2007

Chimps in the Piney woods: Chimp Haven; also, progress reports issued

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Geography class guests on Fri, Feb 9, were Dr. Elysse and Stuart Orchard, specialists in chimpanzees and former residents of Liberia, West Africa.

Elysse is a veterinarian and assistant director of Chimp Haven, the $11 million chimp retirement facility near Keithville.

Whether chimpanzees are retired from medical research, show business, or from being pets, they are full of human-like personality and the world wants them to have a place to live rather than be euthanized. Thus, facilities like Chimp Haven.

Notes from their presentation:
* chimps cannot swim
* chimps are 7 to 10 times stronger than humans. * Jane Goodall one of the foremost researchers. * Chimp Haven will be open for visitors on the second Sat each month from March to June. First date: March 15. See

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