Thursday, January 31, 2008

Slight re-statement: Boat on a roof essay guidelines

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Boat on a Roof guidelines: students worked on 2 guidelines in essay writing for geography class this week. I call them Boat on a Roof guidelines because such a photo was one of the most dramatic images we viewed at Meadows Museum.

The reason for emphasis on these guidelines is because they will make a you a more forceful writer. The world is very competitive and use of these techniques may give you an edge.

A 2-part title is the mark of a good writer.

a) Snammy title. Brief.
b) Explanatory subtitle. What we call the hard info.

A vivid opening is a classic standard for effective writing.
a) Open with the strongest image, such as a Boat on a Roof.
b) A quote is also effective: "A boat on a roof was among the images viewed by students . . . " Also, a question is not a bad fallback in writing an opening.

Which do you like best?
- Dog bites man in CMHS incident
- Man bites dog in incident at CMHS

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