Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Warrior from Qin Shi Huang Di on my Desk

Skits on the life of Quin Shi Huang Di (12 pts each person in the group)

* In your group, write a script that is both informative and entertaining.
* Each person must have a copy of the script.
* Roles may include a narrator.
* Essential parts of the story -
- Chinese life: technological advances such as magnetic compass, gunpowder, ship’s rudder, papermaking, silk porcelain, wheelbarrow, etc.
- construction projects: the precurdor to the Great Wall and new highways with standardized widths.
- other improvements to China: standardization of the language, expansion of the empire into Southern China.
- fear of death and autocratic control; opposition to Confucious. Be specific.

Visuals: colorful paper masks must be made by each student. Robes will come from the classroom accumulation.

* The goal is to explore the medium of script-writing as a learning tool.
Will you remember more about this historic figure as a result of having studied him through the skit process? Has your understanding of the history of China been enhanced?
* Which similar world leaders come to mind in a comparison to China’s First Emperor?

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