Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dramatising the life of Qin Shi Huang Di

Students have been in B3, the Distance Learning Lab, a room equipped with 30 computer stations and maintained by tech teacher Terry Flores. As an adjunct research stattion to the library it is a princely place.

The topics that will feed into the script-writing, which will take place Th and Fri:
- bio of China's First Emperor
- great inventions by the ancient Chinese
- bio of Kung Fu-Tsu, aka Confucius
- vocabulary from the wikipedia bio

Also: students must make a mask for skit performances. They may choose as their model -
* Chinese opera masks
* likeness of a face found in sculpture or paintings.

Thurs: points for having a packet of notes ready for the writing of the script.

Indie work this week:
Comparing historic Chinese music and traditional Chinese instruments with historic American music and instruments. Brief Mp3's, too.

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