Friday, January 18, 2008

Reading comprehension: a major building block, a key to your future

Colton Gardner, Shreveport
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Reading comprehension is the skill at the heart of your future in school and business. Below is a perspective from

Good readers are aware of why they are reading a text, gain an overview of the text before reading, make predictions about the upcoming text, read selectively based on their overview, associate ideas in text to what they already know, note whether their predictions and expectations about text content are being met, revise their prior knowledge when compelling new ideas conflicting with prior knowledge are encountered, figure out the meanings of unfamiliar vocabulary based on context clues, underline and reread and make notes and paraphrase to remember important points, interpret the text, evaluate its quality, review important points as they conclude reading, and think about how ideas encountered in the text might be used in the future.

Geo classes will work on comprehension via practice quizzes to be given each Friday. Comprising a paragraph and 2 or 3 questions, they will be designed to develop insight into the process. Because I depend mostly on open notes tests, the skill emphasized in this class is not memorization but comprehension.

Effective student response this semester will also focus on reading this web site and using a print-out of notes from this site. Students must develop a binder with a growing collection of articles from the web site. The notes will be used in quizzes to be given almost once a week.

Colton Gardner is one of several Cmhs students who've visited China. Last week those students and others wore pieces of China to class.

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