Thursday, January 24, 2008

Students planting crepe myrtles along the Viking Drive and Stoner Ave fence lines Wed, Jan 31, all classes

Teachers Ken Lerchie and Robert Trudeau conceived the idea of students planting crepe myrtles on the CMHS campus. "First-year students will make an investment in the campus that will pay visual dividends everytime they pass the area," said Lerchie.

"It's public service, it's a lesson in green organization, it's almost public art," noted Trudeau.

Wed, Jan 31, some 62 small crepe myrtle trees will be delivered to campus. Student teams in each of Trudeau's classes will dig the holes, throw in some fertilizer and pop in the crepe myrtles. Then they will top off the hole with the dirt and clean up their shoes and jeans.

The class needs the loan of a bunch of shovels for one, maybe two, days. The more shovels, the quicker we can plant.

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