Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wear Chinese or bring something Chinese to class on Wed.

chinese clothes --hanfu
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Chinoiserie is what Americans call things, such as architecture, clothing , jewelry, etc, that represent Chinese style. Things in the Chinese style are nearly always considered fashionable.

On Wed try to find something to wear or to bring to class that reflect Chinese style, whether scarf, tshirt with a Chinese dragon, chopsticks or whatever. It's optional but you can score two points bonus credit.

Also in class notes:
Brittany Jacobs' tapestry, "Coexist," is a clever and appealing design that uses ancient symbols. She included symbols for
- Islam (cresecent and star)
- anti-nuclear war (British stop-the-bombers design)
- Roman-based symbols for male (Mars) and female (Venus)
- Hinduism / Buddhism (the spoked wheel)
- taji, or yin and yang of Taoism
- cross of Christianity.

Students who want to make a social studies fair project, please email me with your question and thesis or your general idea. I'll respond with guidelines. Send it to trudeau@earthlink.net

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