Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Discriminating between the avocado that needs more time and the one that will be diced into a salad tonight

To discriminate does not mean to treat someone unfairly. The verb "discriminate" simply means to separate or to judge or to distinguish between.

If you can discriminate between a ripe avocado (a fruit that originated in the New World) and one that looks good but needs a few more days in the bin before it's usable, you'll be helpful in treks to the supermarket. The key item in your discrimination: when an avocado is ripe it is squishy.

Since we live in an age termed the Information Explosion, your job is to discriminate between helpful info and that which is not essential.

Therefore, you must edit your notes. You must decide which are the key words and which not. We will work on this skill in class. You will rise to higher levels of cogitation when you edit - abbreviate - your notes. And, yes, you'll be discriminating right and left.