Monday, August 24, 2009

A slow-moving internet: the Mississippi River and tributaries

Review questions for quiz on Thurs -

1. Name the 5 states that lie west of the Miss.
2. Name the 5 states that lie east of the Miss.
3. The Mississippi R. is the second longest in the US. T / F
4. The state in which the Miss begins its course: __.
5. The Miss valley is connected to the Great lakes. T / F
6. The longest tributary on the east: __ __.
7. Longest tributary on the west: __ __.
8. Tributary that begins in Montana: __ __.
9. Which is more northerly, Memphis or St Louis?
10. Which tributary begins in the states of N Mex and Colorado?

See below for Miss Valley Map Project.

a) Map quiz - hand sketched outlines of the states and 12 identifications (10 states, the Miss R and the Gulf of Mexico).
b) Open Notes quiz - 12 multiple choice questions on the notes thus far.