Monday, August 17, 2009

Parent signature to show awareness of Mondotrudeau; notes on Mon, Aug 17

So that parents are certain to be aware of the class web site I will give you 2 pts for having their signature in your notebook signifying that they know the address: Deadline Friday.

a) Namaste': Hindi greeting used daily by almost 1 billion people in India. Demographers say that India's population will surpass that of China - some 1.3 billion - in the not-distant future.
b) Students will attend to their health when they stretch muscles and oxygenate the brain with yoga-based routines that originate in historic India.
c) Ni hau!: Over a billion people say hello each day with this Mandarin Chinese greeting.

Demographics: the study of populations.
Ex: examining trends in the Magnet population by polling the middle schools represented. My conclusion is that Magnet's mix of middle schools helps everyone become friendly. Almost everyone needs new friends at Cmhs.

Why do bookstores avoid ordering large numbers of books? The business model called Just In Time keeps the expense of inventory low and efficient shipping methods keeps customers reasonably happy.

Assignment: Your first writing will be a comparison essay that is a brief profile of 2 of your classmates. I'll be using the web site notes to prepare you to write the piece.
Deadline: Tues, Aug 25.
It will be submitted via Google Docs. See instructions here.

1. Monday is related to
a) the cruel ancient Canaanite god called Moloch.
b) the "money spider"
c) a German word associated with the moon.
Answer: "Moon day."
In Ray Bradbury's book, Fahrenheit 451, the hero's name is Montag, which means Monday or Moon day.