Sunday, August 30, 2009

Project due Tues, Sept 8: Comparing the Erie Canal-Hudson River Waterway to the Mississippi River System

America's waterways project: Tues, Sept 8; 15 pts.

Comparing the meaning of the Erie Canal-Hudson River waterway and the Mississippi Valley in a 2-sheet graphic project.

- Sketch the river systems on 2 adjacent sheets in your notebook. Label key cities, relevant states and major landmarks (4 pts).
- Neatness counts - it is a 2-point factor. Use color. Careful lettering. Check spelling.
- Between the 2 maps, create a comparison chart that includes a labeled 1) circle graph 2) line graph 3) bar graph (2 pts ea). These graphs may address factors such as -
* size (length, aggregate length),
* demographics (aggregate states' populations),
* economic activity (cargo, etc)
* issues (flood control, pollution).
* history (brief review of important dates)
You must choose the material to be used in each graph. Advanced and imaginative students may earn bonus points by adding relevant material beyond my guidelines.
- Documentation - sources - at page bottom (2 pts).
- At the top: Snazzy title! Also, an explanatory subtitle (2 pts).