Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Latitude & Longitude: a review of the geography class basics

Using the textbook World Geography, Building a Global Prespective, we are reviewing the basics in classroom reading.
Here is a review that will guide you toward an effective overview.

1. A jet transport plane is likely to traverse a __ route as it goes on a transoceanic journey. a) Great Circle b) True Direction c) shipping d) Gulf stream.
2. The Mercator map is a cylindrical projection created about 1569 CE. T / F
3. Chinese greeting: a) Salaam alaykum b) Shalom
c) Ni hau d) S’up.
4. On the East the Mississippi River is adjacent to Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Minnesota. T / F
5. The Missouri River is longer than the Mississippi. T / F
6. What city lies at 39N, 116E?
a) Seoul, S. Korea b) Shanghai, China c) Beijing, China
d) Denver, Co
7. Greenwich, England, is home to the a) equator b) prime meridian c) prime rib, au jus.
8. Canada would be considered part of the __ hemisphere. a) Western b) Eastern c) Southern d) Central.
9. The Prime Meridian runs through London and the Equator runs through Hong Kong. T / F
10. The Tropic of Capricorn crosses South America, Africa, Madagascar and Australia. T / F

11. 90W is a line of longitude that runs through
a) Louisiana b) India and Bangladesh.
12. Latitude and longitude of Shreveport: a) 32N, 94E
b) 32E, 94N c) 32S, 94N d) 32N, 94W.
13. Pratt Industries is the company behind Shreveport’s new recycling program. Their main business is recycling a) paper b) wood c) plastics d) glass products.
14. Shreveport’s recycling company, Pratt Industries, has
built its center on a site advantageous for cheap transportation. It is located on ____. a) I-49 b) I-20 c) downtown d) Red River.
15. Henry Miller Shreve took on quite a project when he began - in 1832 - to clear the log jam from the Red River. Because of the obstruction called the Great Raft much of the water in this area had to find an alternate pathway. In East Shreveport that waterway was a) Cross lake b) Bayou Pierre c) 12 Mile Bayou d) Silver Lake.
Match a famous city with each of these coordinates:
16. 34N, 118W a) Boston b) Manila, Philippines c) Madrid, Spain d) Los Angeles
17. 19N, 99W a) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil b) Mecca, Saudi Arabia c) Mexico City
18. 22N, 115E a) Beijing, China b) Hong Kong, China c) Sydney, Australia
Supply the coordinates for -
19. Buenos Aires, Argentina a) 35N, 59E b) 35S, 59E c) 35S, 59W
20. Jakarta, Indonesia a) 6S, 106E b) 6N, 106E c) 6S, 106W d) 6E, 106S

Answers to be given in class.