Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thirsty issues in your future: water supplies and rivers

Rivers and lakes are going to loom in your future because water supplies will become strained by growing populations. At the moment, demographers tell us that Shreveport is losing population. But that could change.

Shreveport's water supply is Cross Lake. We're told that our water quality is rated as High.
Bossier City's water comes from the Red River. Many Bossierites have water filters on their faucets because the river water is more difficult to purify.

1. Louisiana river that originates in N Mex and flows through Tx and Ark: __ __.
2. "father of waters:" ___ __.
3. Flows into La from Ark: __ __.
4. La river that has the same name as a great river in Southern China: __ __.
5. In Choctaw the name of this river means "long river." It forms the Bayou State's largest swamp: __ __.
6. This river flows to the Gulf of Mexico on the western edge of La: __ __.