Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mr Mimal, mnemonics and map quizzes

From Minneapolis to New Orleans, a journey down of the Mississippi valley

In geography class the map quizzes begin with a blank page and a pencil. Students are expected to sketch the outline of the borders and write in the identifications. The outlines don't have to be precise. But they should be generally accurate and correctly demonstrate the relationships between regions and landmarks.

Next Thurs we'll have a map quiz on the 10 states surrounding the Miss R.

In committing these to memory, we will use 2 learning techniques:
a) Repetition. We shall do a map a day!
b) Mnemonics, or memory aids, shall be created. Mimal is a word created from the initials of the states on the west of the Miss.
Wiktm is the other fellow.

Barges on the Miss:
a) ore
b) bulk steel
c) garbage

Today we covered -
a) Blending the topics. Interlace your fingers to remember this one.
b) Comparison terminology, such as "similar to ..."
c) Generalities and Specifics. Such as Chinese-American food and General Tso's Chicken.

On Thurs, Aug 27 there will also be a multiple-choice, open notes quiz. Bring your print-out of web site notes. It's an Open Notes test.

The comparison essay is due Tues, Aug 25, via Google Docs.