Sunday, August 30, 2009

River studies: journey up the Hudson with a NY Times reporter to re-trace the voyage of Henry Hudson and the Half Moon

Henry Hudson's Half Moon
Originally uploaded by Trish Mayo
Please see Hudson River exploration video at the NY Times.

Of this photo, says the photog:
"In honor of the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's voyage up the river that now bears his name and the beginning of the colonization of New Amsterdam and other cities along the Hudson River by the Dutch a fleet of replica ships including the "HALF MOON" sailed up the Hudson River today, June 6th. This voyage started in New York Harbor at the Statue of Liberty and will end in Albany. There are various stops scheduled along the way.

I took these photos underneath the George Washington Bridge with the New Jersey Palisades in the background. It's hard to imagine what this area looked like 400 years ago but the Palisades are the closest thing that we have to the tree covered shoreline that must have greeted Henry Hudson."