Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An alternative to the almost-weekly hand-sketched map quiz: an Artful Map

Would you like a tall stack of pancakes w a side of bacon? Or would that be a double-cheeseburger w golden fries?
Avocado-swiss on wheat? w a side of blue corn chips?

For numerous reasons, human beings ought to give each other alternatives. Especially when it comes to eating and to learning activities. My thought is, Options Rule.

In the spirit of experimenting with learning styles, I offer you an alternative to the standard map quiz.

This is called the Artful Map. It takes a lot more time than the memorized map. You complete it at home.

Specs -
* All fields carefully, neatly colored.
* Double line 'round the nations or states or regions.
* Pattern and color in the overall border.
* Five identifications beyond the number required for that particular quiz. If students are required to write 12 on the quiz, the Artful Map producer would label 17 identifications.
* Neat lettering. Check spelling.
* Include a compass rose and ship or other symbol.
* It must be complete and be submitted at the beginning of the map quiz session.

Which method will result in your optimal retention and understanding of an effective mental map of the world?